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Celari vult sua furta venus [57]


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CELARI VVLT SVA FVRTA VENVS.translationtranslation
En, ego cum tenebris tota vagor anxius vrbe,
Securum in tenebris me facit esse Venus.

Loue lyketh darknes.
To vse loue in the light that Cupid lyketh not,
But in some secret place, or where no light is left,
That there vnseen hee may comitt dame venus theft,
As if bread sauor’d best that were by stealing got.

Ama la notte Amore.
Cupido ama l’horror di grotta oscura,
Per goder à suo modo il suo diletto,
E gustar’ il venereo dolce affetto.
Da più gusto il boccon quando si fura.

Ghestolen brockskens smaken wel.
In ’t duyster/ en al stil/ of in een plaets verholen
Wil Venus dieuery minnelick zijn volbraght/
’t Zy yewers buyten ’s weeghs/ of in de donck’re nacht.
Haer brockskens smaken soetst’/ wanneer sy zijn ghestolen.

Amour aime la nuit.
Amour aime l’obscur d’vne grotte inombrée
Pour iouir à souhait de ses plaisirs menus,
Et gouster la mercy de sa mere Venus.
Mieux nous gouste v n morceau à la desrobée.

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Tibullus, Elegiae 1, 2, 36 [or 34].
Venus houdt haar steelse daden liefst geheim.
Tibullus, Elegiae 1, 2, 36 [or 34].
Venus wants that her thefts are not seen.
Tibullus, Elegiae 1, 2, 25-26.
Kijk, Venus beschermt mij liefdevol wanneer ik in het donker rusteloos door heel de stad rondzwerf.
Tibullus, Elegiae 1, 2, 25-26.
Look, when in distress I wander through all the city in the dark, Venus shields me in the dark.

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A cupid kissing his lady in a shadowy garden