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In comendation of the adorned author [...] M. Otho Venius

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In comendation of the adorned author
with manie rare partes.
M. Otho Venius.

Orpheus doth not still his harp high tuned strayn,
To play the Gyants warre when hill on hill they broght,
Nor how their prowd attempt was labor spent in vain,
By force of powerfull Ioue that turned all to noght.

Somtyme hee changeth tune to layes of mylder grace,
And playes how Venus fell in her own Cupids snare,
And did Adonis woo, and kisse, and kynd embrace,
And how sweet loue is seen encumbred oft with care.

So Venius for repose from learned labors donne,
In Horace woorthie theames and sage philosophie,
In subiect of delight another praise hath wonne,
By shewing heer of loue each perfect propertie.

And in this and the rest his manie woorthie partes,
Himself sufficiently hath to the world approued,
Which yeilds more cause of loue to all those goodly artes,
And makes himself for them the more to be beloued.


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