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Est miser omnis amans [63]


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EST MISER OMNIS AMANS.translationtranslation
Acer Amor fractas vtinam tua tela sagittas,
Scilicet exstinctas aspiciamque faces.
Tu miserum torques; tu me mihi dira precari
Cogis, & infanda mente nefanda loqui.

Loues miserie.
Loue liues in miserie and often doth sustayn,
The harmes of heat and cold, and therefore doth desyre,
That Cupids bow were broke and quenched were his fyre,
All louers or the moste of miserie complayn.

Miseria d’Amore.
Miser’ è ben l’amante, il cui desire
Nessuna cosa alleggia; state, e verno
Viue come sepolto in vn’ Inferno,
E sempre mai si duol del suo martire.

Alle minnaers ellendigh.
Den armen minnaer is ellendigh door ’t verdraghen
Van hitte/ sneeu/ en windt/ seer menighmael wenscht hy
Dat Liefdes toorts gheblust/ en boogh ghebroken zy.
Al de ghelieuen meest seer iammerlicken claghen.

Tous amans miserables.
Miserable est l’amant, fort souuent il desire,
Endurant chaud & froid, de veoir de Cupidon
l’Arc rompu, & estaint son feu, & son brandon.
Les amans presque tous se plaignent du martire.

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Elke minnaar is ongelukkig.
Every lover is unfortunate.
Tibullus, Elegiae 2, 6, 15-18.
Gemene Amor, laat mij ooit uw pijl en boog, uw wapens, gebroken zien, als dat eens kan, uw fakkels uitgebrand. U kwelt mij met ellende, dwingt mij onheil af te roepen over mijzelf, in dwaasheid uit te spreken wat niet mag. [tr. J. Nagelkerken, Baarn 1994, p. 66.]
Tibullus, Elegiae 2, 6, 15-18.
Fierce Love, if this could be, I would see your arms destroyed, your arrows broken and your torches quenched. You rack me with anguish, you force me to curse myself and in impious speech to vent the frenzy of my soul.

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    A lover lying on a river shore, hit by an arrow, gesturing at a cupid with a torch; winds blow and the sun is shining