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[Eu’n as wee do the yeare in seasons fowre deuyde]

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Eu’n as wee do the yeare in seasons fowre deuyde,
So is the age of Man accordingly contryued.
When chyldhead, youth,mid-age, & old age is arryued.
Ruled in each degree by cours of tyme and tyde.

This book for childrens view hath not intended been,
Not yet for aged men who rather do deuyse,
On honor,virtue,welth,or to bee demed wyse.
All thease for such as they are heer not to bee seen.

Loues fassion and his trade how hee with youth proceeds,
What meanes hee vseth moste in acting louers deeds.
His passions and his paynes, his bitter and his sweet,

His constancie and troth his virtues most esteemed.
His power, his warre & peace,& els what may bee deemed,
The yonger sorte may see, in all occasions meet.

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