Guide to the Site

The Emblem Project Utrecht Website consists of two parts. The first part is accessible through the menu of top of the page. Here you will find the links to the editions of the 25 emblem books, the link to the search page, our compare option, the bibliography and a link to the project information (including our technical and editorial guidelines). The menu on the left gives access, once you have chosen a particular emblem book, to one of the 25 editions.
You can always return to the welcome page by clicking the Emblem Project Utrecht icon from the menu on the left side of the window. Incidentally, the Amor picture which we use as the Emblem Project Utrecht logo has been taken from the frontispiece of Heinsius's Emblemata Amatoria .

Guide to the Editions

Once you have chosen a book there are several options to explore it. All of the options are available on the left-hand side of the window:
Besides reading and exploring the selected book, using the menu on top of every page gives you access to:

Guide to the Emblems

For each of the emblems, we'll present you with some, most or all of the following information:


About the web browsers we support and the HTML standards we use: We try to make the site work on modern standards-compliant browsers. Everything should work as intended on Firefox, Netscape (7.0 and up), Mozilla and Internet Explorer (5.0 and up).
About other system settings: The preferred font for these pages is Arial (fallback to Verdana). The preferred screen resolution is at least 1024 * 768.
Finally, about browser settings: the standard menus use Javascript. We try to provide an alternative for those who prefer not to use Javascript. The preferences page and the book-level search pages won't work if you don't use Javascript. In a future version of the site, we'll remove the dependence on Javascript. Some of the navigation depends on the ability to store cookies. The cookies we use are temporary. They're stored in the browser session, but not written to disk.

Guide to Quick Access Keys

It is not strictly necessary for you to know about this. However, if you are a regular visitor to the EPU site, it may help to know that you can use some keyboard keys to accelerate navigation.
The keys should be pressed (on Windows) in combination with the alt-key. On the Mac, use the cmd-key.
On the emblem pages, these keys will have the following effects: