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Nullis medicabilis herbis [78]


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NULLIS MEDICABILIS HERBIS.translationtranslation
Cerua venenato venantûm suacia ferro
Dyctamno quaerit vulneris auxilium.
Hei mihi, quòd nullis sit Amor medicabilis herbis,
Et nequeat medica pellier arte malum!

No help for the louer.
The hert that wounded is, knowes how to fynd relief
And makes by dictamon the arrow out to fall,
And with the self-same herb hee cures his wound withall,
But loue no herb can fynd to cure his inward grief.

Solo senza rimedio.
Cerca il fugace ceruo saettato,
Il dittamo, che il mal gli disacerba:,
Et io meschin pur cerco, ne trouo herba,
Che risani il mio cor d’Amor piagato.

Gheen hulpe voor my.
Een hert alst is ghewondt/ dictamnum ’t cruydt ghepresen
Seer wel te vinden weet/ waer door den schicht valt uyt/
De wondt wert oock gheheelt door cracht van ’tselue cruyt/
Maer laes! gheen cruydt de wond’ van Liefde kan ghenesen.,

Rien ne me peut guerir.
Le cert fuyard attaint d’ vne viste sagette
Cerche parmy les bois le dictamne ofte-fer:
Mais nulle herbe ne peut de ce mal triompher,
Que m’a fait en mon coeur d’Amour la main tendrette.

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Ovidius, Heroides 5, 149.
Tegen liefde is geen kruid gewassen.
Ovidius, Heroides 5, 149.
Love is not healed by herbs.
Een hinde, gewond door de giftige pijl van de jagers, probeert haar wond met essenkruid te genezen. Wee mij, want tegen liefde is geen kruid gewassen, en de pijn kan met geen enkele medicijn worden verdreven.
A hind that is wounded by the poisoned arrow of the hunter seeks to cure her wound with dittany. Woe me, for love is not healed by herbs, and the pain can not be suppressed by any medicine.

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A cupid, with an arrow sticking out of its chest, points at a stag who is eating dittany to drive out the arrow that has hit him