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Quid superest [23]


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Dees kloecke graevers, (van de werelt seer veracht,)
Sijn naerstich inde weer, en wercken Dach en Nacht
Om krencken Babel: met haer trots hovaerdich brallen
En brodroncken ghebouw. hoe hooch t'oock is t' moet vallen
Door t' eerste [dat] haer stoot. Siet kinders! twert ghedaen.
De wint die blaest daer op, t' vier komt daer tegen aen,
Om te vernielen haer, en al die t' met haer houwen;
Jae soo! Dat nimmermeer haer jemant op sal bouwen. translation

Les pionniers du monde mesprisez
Ont tant sapé ceste grand' forteresse
De Babylon, et ses appuis brisez,
Qu'elle va cheoir, pour petit que la presse
Le vent d'enhaut, qui contre elle se dresse.
Sortez enfans, voicy le feu qui vient
Pour consumer elle et qui la soustient,
Sans que iamais en nul temps se redresse. translation

QVID SVPERESTtranslation

Assyriæ concussa diu fundamina turris
Indomito cœli turbine & igne cadent.
Hinc fuge, gens dilecta Deo, fuge gēs pia, mistam
Cum reprobis ne te tristia fata ferant. translation

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What is left
When the foundations of the Assyrian tower have been shaken by heaven's
Indomitable whirlwind and fire for a long time, they will collapse.
Flee from here, people beloved to god, flee pious people,
Lest sad fate take you along mixed in with the reprobate.

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  1. Mentioned in: Henkel and Schöne, Emblemata, col. 1845f
  2. Motto: Wat blijft er van over (What's left)? The image of a narrowing tower of Babel with a lot of floors with terraces is based on the Flemish printing and on the panels, painted by the Brueghels and their imitators. De Montenay meant the church of Rome by Babel. The diggers (line 1) are the Reformed trying to pull down the huge building. Knipping en Meertens, Van De Dene tot Luiken, pp. 31

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Men are trying to demolish the Tower of Babel with hoes and a battering ram, assisted by storm and fire from heaven

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