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Ex fide victurus est [69]


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T'gheloof dat hout de Mensch die door sijn Deuchden licht
strack vallen most om laech, in Juijste tegenwicht
Helaes! door quae ghewoont werter nauw een ghevonden
Die niet prop-vol en steeckt va helwaerdighe sonden
t'is onse schult alleen, Godt en natuir syn goet.
Hij komt ons swackheyt noch so vriendelyck te moet
Dat door t'Geloof aen Crist, (hoe wel wij t' syn onwaerdich)
Al onse moetwil snoot suijvert en maeckt Rechtvaerdich. translation

La foy qui fait un iuste d'vn meschant,
En le rendant d'infidele fidele,
N'a rien trouué en luy, tout bien cherchant,
Qui n'attirast sur luy mort eternelle:
De sa nature estoit à Dieu rebelle.
Donc ne pouvoit satisfaire à la loy:
Mais maintenant par Christ a grace telle
Que iuste il plait à Dieu, & vit de foy. translation


Nil erat humano immortale in corpore quondā,
Et mors cuncta suis subdiderat pedibus:
Cum diuina Fides subitò immigrauit: & ecce
AEternum hac vna viuere cœpit homo. translation

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From faith/trust1 he will live.
Once there was nothing immortal in the body of man,
And death had trampled everything under its feet.
When suddenly divine faith entered the scene and
Look! By this faith alone man began to live.

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      A man, standing with one foot in a pair of scales, is held in balance by a winged column; his other foot hovers over a second pair of scales, bringing it out of balance

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      'fides' can be both '(religious) faith' and 'trust'. Here it cannot be translated consistently, because clearly regarding the picture it is 'trust', of paramount importance with somebody whose livelihood (calibrating weights/scales?) depends on his trustworthiness snd his clients' trust. In the poem it cannot be anything else than '(religious) faith'