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Non confundit, nolite confidere [10]


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Geen bulderige storm, noch schrickelijck onweer,
Dat aertsche dingen brosch stoot sticken en smijt neer
Vermogen niet met al: De Werelt sal vergaen,
Als noch de Vaste hoop, blijft onverwickbaer staen.
Ach sotte mensch! onvast en ijdel ist t' betrouwen
Dat ghij op Princen gunst, of eijgen deucht wilt bouwen.
Maer die op Godt sijn hoop en vast betrouwen stelt,
En werden nimmermeer beschamt noch neergevelt. translation

Nulle rigueur, tempeste ny orage,
N'ont offensé ceste haute esperance,
Mais la terrestre a receu grand dommage
Ainsi sera tousiours la recompense
De l'homme fol, qui a sa confiance
Aux princes grands, ou mesme en sa vertu.
Mais qui en Dieu mettra son asseurance,
Il ne sera confondu n'abatu. translation


Firma stetit subnixa Deo, fracta impete venti
Concidit, humana fulta columna manu.
Sic perit expectans hominum virtute salutem,
Fide Deo, nunquam spes tibi vana cadet. translation

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It does not confound. Do not trust
When it rests on God the column stands firm, but set up by human hand
It collapses, broken by the force of the wind.
So he perishes who is looking for salvation by the virtue of man.
Trust in God, never will your hopes be dashed because they were vain.

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  1. Mentioned in: Henkel and Schöne, Emblemata, col. 1227

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A hail storm with an unbroken column, inscribed 'Non confundit', and a broken column, inscribed 'Nolite confidere'

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