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Non aptus est regno dei [38]


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Die op het doen van dese arbeijtsman neemt merck
Die siet wel dat hij hert noch sin heeft tot syn werck
Als Lots onwijse vrouw, gaet hij syn tijt verlueren
Met om te kycken Wat daer achter mach ghebueren.
Gelijck of jemant seij, Mijn vader, ick wil gaen
In vwen wijngaert: maer bleef onverwickbaer staen
Siet dit is de manier, Onder veel valsche gerijnsen
De werelt gaet vermom, wiens wysheijt is maer veijnsen. translation

Ce charretier monstre, à sa contenance,
Auoir le cœur ailleurs qu'au labourage.
Le regarder derriere desauance,
Comme a veu Lot en sa femme mal-sage.
Celuy auoit un semblable courage,
Qui dit, Ie vueil, pere, en ta vigne aller,
Et n'y alla. Voyla quel est l'vsage
Du mondain sage en son dissimuler. translation


Obliquos ducis, non recto tramite, sulcos:
Tam leuiter cœptum mens vaga curat opus.
Eia age, conuersos oculos intende labori:
Aptus eris cœli sede tenere locum. translation

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He is not fit for the kingdom of God.
The furrows you plow are curved, and do not run in a straight course.
So lightly undertaken is what the wandering mind has to care about.
Come on, turn you eyes and pay attention to your job:
You will be fit to hold a place in heaven's abode.

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  1. Mentioned in: Henkel and Schöne, Emblemata, col. 1092

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    A man, holding a plough pulled by a team of horses, looks over his shoulder instead of paying attention to his work

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