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Nemo duobus [56]


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Dees groote Plompert buijcht onder des Werelts last
Sleept Godts wet aen syn been daer hij niet op en past,
Menschen gheboden swaer die neemt hy aen te dragen
Nae Goodts gheboden, Neen! Daer mach hij niet nae vragen
De goede meening hij Godt Reekent voor betaelt,
Die Salicheijt soo soeckt, het tegendeel behaelt.
Dit swaere pack hun maer tot Doot en schant sal keren
Die Cristus niet en ken, noch niet wil kennen Leeren. translation

Ce gros lourdaut courbé dessous sa charge
Treine à ses pieds la loy de Dieu sans honte:
D'humaines loix tout ainsi lon se charge,
Cuidant que Dieu reçoit le tout par compte,
Du droict diuin cependant ne fait compte,
Où il deuroit plustost salut chercher.
Tel fardeau donc luy tourne à mort & honte,
En ignorant Iesus-Christ & sa chair. translation

NEMO DVOBVS1translation

Jniusto fessus mundi sub pondere, leges
Diuinas pedibus sanctaque iura traho.
Sed mihi quid tanti referunt, nisi damna, labores?
Cuius amor Mundus, displicet ille Deo. translation

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No one can serve two.
Tired out under the weight of the injust world
I drag divine laws and holy rights along with my feet
But what is there for me in these exertions but trouble?
Whose love is the world displeases God.

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      A giant is carrying the world on his shoulder, and pulling the tables of the Law behind him, tied to his foot with a rope

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      Title alludes to Matth. 6:24 'Nemo potest duobus dominis servire'.