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Iubilatio Amoris [72]


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Iubilatio Amoris.translation
Rusbroch. Menand. Bern.
DVm se, bona quæpiam anima & internæ vitæ
dedita, in seipsam intrò recipit, vacans & ab-
soluta ac expedita à quibuscumque rebus terre-
nis, & cor habens superius reuerenter apertum
erga æternam bonitatem Dei, hîc iam occultum
patet cælum & ex diuinæ charitatis vultu repen-
tina lux quædam, instar fulguris, in eiusmodi cor
patulum irradiat, & in eâ luce spiritus Domini
eidem amanti, patientique cordi sic loquitur. ego,
sum tuus, o homo, & tu meus es. hinc oritur Iu-
bilatio quæ est cordialis amor & ardens deuotio-
nis flamma, cum laude & gratiarum actione, per-
petuâque reuerentiâ & veneratione erga Deum,
quæ maximè perficitur in chordis & organo, in
cymbalis bene sonantibus, in cymbalis iubilatio-
nis. nā plerisque; fomes est amoris musica. sit igitur
Iesus mel in ore, melos in aure, iubilus in corde. translation

In chordis et organo. Ps. 150.1 translation

L'accord d'Amour et de l'amante,
Est, lors qu' il ioue, et qu' elle chante.

Iubilation de l'Amour.
Amour maistre des chants se rend l'ame Chrestiene
Pour son contentement parfaite Musiciene,
Et veut qu' elle ait tousiour à chanter en son chœur.
Il cherit tant ses airs, qu' aussy tost qu' elle chante
Vous diries à le veoir, que ceste voix l'enchante
Luy suspendant l'esprit & rauissant le cœur.

O que bien cantais amor
Pero para mi esle canto
Yo le tengo por encanto.

Als d'een lief/ ende d'ander queelt/
Het eene singht soo d'ander speelt.

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Jubilation of love.
When some soul that is good and dedicated to inner life withdraws within itself, free and loose and unburdened by anything [external] whatsoever, and having a heart in elevated state and opened up towards God's eternal goodness, then at that very moment hidden heaven is open to it and from the face of divine love a sort of sudden light like a flash of lightning irradiates a heart of that disposition, and in that light the Lord's spirit speaks to the same in its love and to the suffering heart speaks thus: "I am yours, o man, and you are Mine". Then rises the jubilation that is love of the heart and that burns with the flame of devotion. This is accompanied by acts of praise and gratitude and by continuous awe and reverence towards God; it is perfected to the highest degree by strings and the organ, on well sounding cymbals, on cymbals of jubilation.2
With strings and the organ.3

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    Sacred love is playing the organ while the soul is singing; an angel operates the bellows

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    Ps. 150:4.
    'by strings and the organ, on well sounding cymbals, on cymbals of jubilation': from Ps. 150:4-5.
    'organo': as is clear from the emblem, 'organ' in the modern sense is meant. Bible translations have 'pipe', but then, of course, an organ is a wind instrument too. 'In chordis et organo', Ps. 150:4. 'with stringed instruments and organs' (KJV). 'praise him with strings and pipe' (RSV).