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Ad Auctorem.

Castalios fontes smyrnæus vt hausit Homerus,
En Odyssæas scripsit, & Iliadas.
Nonne sacros latices diuini gustat Amoris,
Qui rapitur sacris hic in Amore modis?
Iliade vt nequijt depingi maior Achille,
Sic melior sacro hoc schemate pictus Amor. translation

I. van Houtte, Med. Doct.
Bergis S. Winnoçi

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To the author

After Smyrnaean Homerus had drunk from the Castalian springs1
Behold, he wrote not only Odyssees, but also Iliads.
Is it not true that who is carried away by holy melodies in Love
Tastes of the sacred liquid of divine Love?
Just as it is not possible to paint an Achilles greater than [the one in] the Iliad,
So there is no better picture of Love than in this sacred form.

I. van Houtte, medical doctor, Bergues/St Winoksbergen2.

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        on Mt. Parnassus, sacred to the Muses and Apollo.
        A small town in French Flanders, near Dunkirk/Dunkerque