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Attractio Amoris [46]


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Attractio Amoris.translation
Ierem. August. Barrad. August.
IN charitate perpetua. dilexi te, ideo attraxi te;
O magna gratiæ commendatio, nemo venit
nisi tractus, hoc tamē, (quidquid imperitè & ine-
ptè hæretici dicant) non significat violentiam li-
berum arbitrium abolentem, sed suaue Dei auxi-
lium, quo animas ad fidem & pœnitentiam, liber-
tate seruatâ, vocat, ipsismet volentibus & liberè
consentientibus. Noli cogitare te inuitum trahi,
trahitur animus & amore. Non dixit Christus nisi
Pater duxerit, sed traxerit; ista violentia fit cordi,
non carni; crede & venis, ama & traheris: dulcis
est amoris violentia, suauis est, ipsa suauitas te
trahit. translation

Nemo potest venire ad me, nisi Pater qui misit me traxerit eum. Ioan. 6.1 translation

Dieu est l'attrait, l'Amour la corde,
Par qui mon ame au ciel aborde.

Attrait de l'Amour.
Amour, amour, tu es la calamite,
L'ambre, l'aymant, l'attrait, la corde eslite,
Qui tire l'ame de la terre à Dieu;
Sans ton filet ce monde est un dedale,
Qui par ses tours gire, monte & deuale,
Et nous faict perdre en ce funeste lieu.

En el camino del cielo,
Porque el alma no se pierda,
Le sirue el amor de cuerda.

Niemant en compt in mijnen schoot/
Die Godt den Vader niet en noot.

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Attraction of love.
In perpetual love I have loved You, therefore I have drawn You towards me. O great recommendation of grace, nobody comes unless drawn. Nevertheless, this (no matter what ignorant and inept things the heretics may say) does not signify violence that destroys free choice, but it signifies the sweet assistance of God, by which He calls souls to penitence without the loss of freedom, as they themselves willingly and freely consent. Do not think that you are drawn in against your will. The mind is attracted also by love. Christ did not say 'unless the Father said' but 'unless He drew". That violence is inflicted on your heart, not on your flesh. Believe and you come, love and you are drawn near. The violence of love is sweet, it is pleasant, the very pleasantness attracts you.
No one can come to me, unless the Father who sent me drew him2.

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      Ioh. 6:44
      No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. (KJV); No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day. (RSV)