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Incuria Amoris [22]


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Incuria Amoris.translation
{?}Liuius. {?}ud. Cat.
QVid dormis, o Anima! surge & ora ne intres
in tentationem, securitas tam in publicis,
quam priuatis certissimum calamitatis initium
est: solutè viuentes vndique patent, & opportuni
iniuriæ multas occasiones præbent insidiantibus:
sæpe etenim & contemptus hostis cruentum cer-
tamen edidit, & inclyti populi, Regesqueue, perleui
momento victi sunt: quia nulli facilius oppri-
muntur quam qui nihil timent, & imparati sunt
ad resistendum. Inimicum sane, quamuis humi-
lem, docti est metuere; metus quippe prudentiam
docet; quique insidias timet haud facile in eas in-
pingit. timor securitatis dux, periculorum præ-
sumptio: metuendo sapiens vitat malum. in ipsa
igitur securitate animus ad difficilia sese præparet
vt contra iniuriam fortunæ inter beneficia fir-

Latet hostis, et otia ducis. translation

Comment, o ame dormez vous? Vostre ennemy gist cy dessous.

Non-soucy de l'Amour.
N'apprehender le mal, qui de si prez menaçe,
Estre en vn lieu fatal, & ne changer de plaçe,
Cest preueoir sans soucy vn eternel malheur.
Courir tant de dangers, ne craindre la tempeste,
Estre au faubourg d'enfer, dormir comme vne beste,
N'est ce pas faire voir, que l'on n'at pas de cœur?

Recordad alma querida
Que en el lugar donde estais
No conuiene que os durmais.

Hoe dus? o siel! hoe slaept ghy nu?
Dijn vyant schuylt hier onder u.

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The carelessness of love.
Why are you sleeping, dear soul! Get up and pray lest you fall into temptation: negligence is the most certain beginning of disaster, as much in public as in private affairs. It is obvious that everywhere people are leading dissolute lives and forming an easy target give many occasions for wrong-doing to those who ambush them. For often not only contempt of the enemy caused bloody battle, but also famous peoples and kings were conquered by the slightest disturbance because none are more easily subdued than those who fear nothing and are unprepared to resist. It is the hallmark of the knowledgeable to fear the enemy, even though he be insignificant. Because fear teaches to be careful. And who fears ambushes does not easily run into them. Fear commands security, as does the presumption of dangers The wise by fearing avoids evil. Let therefore in the very state of security the heart prepare itself for difficulties, so that against the injustice of fortune he becomes strong during the time it is doing him well.
The enemy is hidden and so are the commander's times of leisure.

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    Sacred love touches the shoulder of the soul who is seated on a globe which encircles hell; Cupid holds up a net

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