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Introductory material

Editorial statement

    This is our digital edition of Sinne- en minnebeelden (1627) by Jacob Cats, based on Cats, Sinne- en minnebeelden by Hans Luijten.1

    A number of changes has been made for this web edition. First of all, this edition is enlarged with facsimiles of the 313 pages of the original edition. The images have been provided by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (The Hague; shelf number 758 B 16). Secondly, the content of the 1996-edition has been reorganized to fit within the EPU-site. The 1996-edition consists of three volumes. Volume I contains the emblems themselves, and volumes II-III contain annotations, translations and research notes. This separation is abandoned in this digital edition, and all references to the separate volumes have been removed. Also, a paragraph from the Dutch introduction concerning the structure and content of the three paper volumes (titled: "De inrichting van de editie") has been rewritten and adjusted to make it applicable to the digital edition.

    Some smaller changes should also be mentioned: we have added hyperlinks to the other emblem books on the EPU-site, we have shortened some heading in the Dutch introduction, and we have integrated the English epigrams with the rest of the subscriptio's. Originally, these epigrams were printed separately in an appendix to the 1627-edition. All material from Silenus Alcibiadis, sive Proteus (short title: Proteus), the predecessor of Sinne- en Minnebeelden, is shown as a separate edition on the EPU-site.

    All text copyright © Constantijn Huygens Instituut, 1996.

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    We would like to thank Hans Luiten for his support in the making of this edition. His edition of Sinne- en minnebeelden was published by the Constantijn Huygens Instituut in the series Monumenta Literaria Neerlandica. The digitisation of this book is a joint effort of the Constantijn Huygens Instituut and the Emblem Project Utrecht.
    Deze paragraaf is herschreven door de editeurs van de digitale edities, en geeft nu niet meer een uitleg bij de inrichting van de drie papieren delen, maar een beschrijving van de inhoud van de digitale editie
    Op deze plaats wijkt de digitale editie af van de papieren: in deze digitale versie zijn de (veelal Latijnse) citaten die onder de prent staan getranscribeerd boven de Nederlandse.