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This is not an emblem book edition. Only those texts from Cats's 1618 Silenus Alcibiadis, sive Proteus which were not retained or heavily rewritten in the 1627 edition are available in full transcription (transcriptions from the Middelburg 1618-edition, kept in the Royal Library of The Hague (shelf number KB 477 C 37)). The copy we used for the facsimile's of the 1618 edition belongs to the University Library of U trecht (shelf number: AB 132 B 1 dl 1-2).1

The fully transcribed 1627 edition is published elsewhere on this site; on the relevant places that edition is hyperlinked to this one, as this one is to the 1627 edition. So, you may want to switch to [Titlepage], the full 1627 edition, or continue reading here.

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We would like to thank H. Mulder, P. Pesch and F. Heinen of the University Library of Utrecht for their support.