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Nil temere cum Potentibus [31]


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Nil temere cum Potentibus.translation
Audacter nimium certans Hyacinthus amico
Cum Phœbo, exanimi corpore pulsat humum,
Magnatum tibi parcè utendum est semper amore.
Qui nimis alte volat, durius inde cadit. translation

Met groote Heeren kleyne kennis.
Brengt u het mildt gheluck by Vorsten en by Heeren,
Zo matight al u doen, hetzy ghy spreect of speelt:
Want het is zorghelijck by meerder te verkeeren.
Laet Hyacinthus steets u wezen een voorbeelt.

Avec les grans, trop ne t'apprens.
S'il advient que ton heur te met en cognoissance,
A quelqu'une d'estat & de grande maison,
Sois modeste en aymant, sers toy de la raison,
Car de trop s'enhardir suit tost la repentance.
Qu' Hyacinthe le beau te serve de patron,
Qui mourut en joûant trop avecq Apollon.

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Do not mingle recklessly with the mighty.
When Hyacinthus competes too brazenly with his friend, with Phoebus,
He hits the earth with his lifeless body.
You must always make use of the fondness of magnates sparingly,
He who flies too high, his fall from there is so much harder.

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      Apollo holds the dying Hyacinthus, whom he had accidentally hit with a discus; his blood is changed into a hyacinth

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