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Perseus & Andromeda [23]


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Perseus & Andromeda.translation
Infælix nimium religata ad saxa catenis,
Andromede monstris & data præda fuit.
Cernit Abantiades hanc, evictoque dracone
Liberat, & thalami ius dat habere sui. translation

Liefd' prickelt 't ghemoedt.
Hier staat Andromeda met keetens vast gheslooten,
Laas! an een steyle rots het monster vvreet tot buyt:
Maer Perseus ed'le moedt heeft dit te zeer verdrooten,
Hy slaat en doot het dier, en trout haer tot zijn bruyt.

Amour poind le courage.
Quand Andromede helas! se trouvoit atachee,
Au froid & dur Rocher, pour servir de repas,
Au Dragon aquaticq menacant son trepas,
Secourue elle fut par l'amoureux Persee:
Tel' courage a l'Amour qu'il ne craint nul danger,
Mais il donne l'effort de la mort mespriser.

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Perseus and Andromeda.
Only too hapless, bound by chains to rocks,
Andromeda is also prey to monsters.
Abas's progeny1 spots her here, and after he has conquered the dragon,
Sets her free and gives her the right of his wedding bed.

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      Riding Pegasus with his sword drawn, Perseus is about to kill the sea monster and to liberate Andromeda

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      Abas's progeny, i.e., Perseus, son of Danae, who is daughter of Acrisius, who is son