Daniël Heinsius, Ambacht van Cupido (1613)

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In lubrico. [20]


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In lubrico.translation
Lubrica res amor est. stat mox ruiturus Amator,
Ac si concretis frigore staret aquis.

Cupido leert het spel dat Hollandt heeft gevonden,
Hy proeft te gaen opt ys, hy heeft tvvee schaetsen aen.
Hy heeft tvvee ysers scherp aen zijne voet ghebonden,
Daer mede dat hy meynt opt vvater vast te staen.
Het ys van selfs is glat, de ysers glat daer tegen,
Men valt seer lichtelick daer op, of oock daer in.
Het vryen gaet alsoo. die niet en is te degen
Geslepen op het vverck, die duysselt in de min. translation

Garde toy Cupidon sur ce glacé passage
Il ne fault qu’vn festu pour te faire tomber.
Et toy qui en Amour fais ton apprentissage,
Le passage est glissant, garde toy de chopper.

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Op glad ijs.
On slippery ice.
Cupid learns the game invented here in Holland,
He tries to walk on ice, he wears a pair of skates.
He's tied onto his feet the two sharp iron blades -
They'll keep him firm, he thinks, and steady on the water.
The ice is slippery, the blade against it, too,
It's easy to fall down, or even right straight through.
With wooing it's the same: those lacking well-honed skill
Will lose their footing fast, their love will come to nil.
[translation by M. Scholz]

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