Ludovicus van Leuven, Amoris divini et humani antipathia (1629)

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Superbia Amoris [14]


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Superbia Amoris.translation
Non benè conueniunt, nec in vna sede morantur Maiestas & Amor. translation

Osee.7. Petrar. Herodot. Eccl.
Quapropter superbia eius humiliabitur. SEd, ô Amator mundi, quid superbis? qui nisi
terra es & cinis? cur quæso? an non te morta-
lem, an non assidue fatiscentem, an non peccato-
rem, an non mille casibus expositum, an nō morti
obnoxium incertæ, an non denique te miserum
meministi; & nō Homericum illud famosissimum
audiuisti; nihil miserius homine terra nutrit? sci-
re velim quid te horum potissimè ad superbiam
cohortatur, an fragilitas membrorum, an vitæ
breuitas, an cæcitas animi inter spes vanissimas
metusque perpetuos fluctuantis, an præteritorum
obliuio, an ignorantia futurorum ac præsentium,
an hostium insidiæ, an mortes amicorum, an ad-
uersitas perseuerans, an fugitiua prosperitas? hæc
non aliæ tibi sunt ad superbiam quam scalæ qui-
bus ascendis ad ruinam. An ignoras quod Deus
gaudeat eminentissima quæque deprimere? Ille
neminem alium quam seipsum sinit magnificen-
tissime de se sentire.
Si sapis ergo fuge superbiam, initium enim
omnis peccati est. translation

Superbia eius humiliabitur. Osee. 7. translation

Si l'orgueil veut hausser la creste
L'Amour luy fait baisser la teste.

Superbe de l'Amour.
L'Amour diuin est humble & debonnaire,
L'Amour mondain superbe, & temeraire;
Mais le diuin est bien le plus puissant;
Car le mondain voulant hausser la creste,
Ces deux amans luy font baisser l'aigrette,
Et de leurs traits le vont humiliant.

Como Amor con desiguales
Viue tan de mala gana;
Altos y bajos allana.

Dat Hoocheyt te bederuen spoeyt/
Heeft rechte liefd'/ haest uytgheroeyt.

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Pride of love.
Majesty and love are not a good match, and do not dwell in one place.
For this reason his pride will be brought low. But, o lover of the world, why are you so proud? What are you else but earth and ashes? Why that is so, you ask? Do you not remember that you are mortal, that you are crumbling day after day, that you are subject to an uncertain death, that finally you are in a state of misery? And have you not heard that most famous Homeric saying: the earth feeds nothing more wretched than man? I would like to know which of these induces you to feel pride: is it the fragility of your limbs, the shortness of your life, the blindness of your mind as it fluctuates between utterly futile expectations and perpetual fear, is it oblivion of the passed, is it that you do not know of what is to be and what is at hand, or is the ambushes of enemies, the death of friends, lasting adversity, the prosperity that always eludes you. These are no different to you for being proud than ladders by which you ascend a ruin. are you unaware that God enjoys bringing down precisely the most eminent? he does not allow anybody else than Himself to feel the grandest self-esteem. If you are wise, flee away from pride, for it is the beginning of all sin.
His pride will be brought low.

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