Ludovicus van Leuven, Amoris divini et humani antipathia (1629)

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Languor Amoris [64]


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Languor Amoris.translation
VBi igitur Amor intus exigit & inuitat ad Dei
vnionem, & creatura sese erigens, totum of-
fert, & exhibet quidquid præstare potest, neque
tamen ad hanc vnitatem pertingere valet, inde
quidam nascitur languor spiritualis. siquidem in-
timis cordis medullis, vbi vitæ initium residet, a-
moris vulnere confectis si obtinere non liceat
quod præ omnibus desideratur, permanere autem
oporteat vbi esse animus plane recusat, ex his vi-
delicet duobus languor iste conflatur. nam cum
Deum adipisci non liceat, neque eo tamen frau-
dari aut carere animus velit aut possit, ex his duo-
bus in eiusmodi homine quædam foris & intus
existit & oritur æstuosa impatientia, quæ quam-
diu durat nulla est creatura neque in cælis, neque
in terris, in qua illi vel quietem, vel aliquod sola-
tium capere libeat. & hæc Amoris æstus, & im-
patientia cor hominis exedit, eiusque ebibit san-
guinem, quærationi morem gerere & obsequi
non vult, donec re amata potiatur. in hoc gradu
sensibilis ardor amoris tam ingens est, vt in omni
hominis vitâ non fit feruentior, idque adeo, vt
absque vllo externo labore corporea hominis na-
tura clam lædatur, & absumaturtranslation


Amore langueo. translation

Ie meur d'amour mon cher espoux: Ie le sens bien a vostre poux.

Langueur de l'Amour.
Que croyez vous, chaste espouse, que seruent
Les beaux bouquets des fleurs (qui se cōseruent
A peine vn jour) pour vn mal eternel?
Ce medecin l'annonce incurable,
Et vostre poux d'vn battement durable
Dit, que l'Amour est vn mal eternel.

Curad Amor esse mal
Que pues vos sois el autor
Le sahreis curar mejor.

Van liefde queel' ick totter doot:
Dijn pulst maeckt kenbaer uwē noot.

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Languor of love.
Therefore where inwardly love spurs on and invites to unite with God, and a creature stretches out itself, offers itself completely and exhibits all it can achieve, but nevertheless is not able to accomplish this union, consequently a kind of spiritual languor develops. Since after the most inner marrow of the heart (where the principal of life resides) is destroyed if it is not permitted to obtain what is desired above all, but it has to remain where the heart clearly refuses to be, we must realise that that languor is aggravated by these two influences. For when it is not permitted to reach God, but neither, however, can the heart be cheated out of this or go wanting, from these two elements in a man of this type, both inside and outside, a kind of impetuous impatience comes to be, and rises up, that as long as it lasts allows no creature, be it in the heavens or on earth, the freedom to take rest or find comfort. And this heat of love, and this impatience eats up the heart of man, and drinks up his blood, that will not show respect to reason nor obey it, until he becomes master of the object of his love. At this stage the fire of sensual love is so enormous, that in the whole human life there is no passion more fervid, it reaches such a pith, that without any external, physical effort the bodily nature of man is injured and consumed without its being noticed.
I languish out of love.

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