author Porteman, Karel
author Sacré, Dirk
author Cockx-Indestege, Elly
author Schepper, Marcus de
main title Emblematic exhibitions (affixiones) at the Brussels Jesuit College (1630-1685)
sub title A Study of the Commemorative Manuscripts (Royal Library, Brussels)
short title Porteman, Emblematic exhibitions
place Brussels
publisher Royal Library
date 1996
description About the exhibitions held at the Brussel Jesuit college. Memorial volumes kept in the Brussels Royal Library reproduce part of the yearly exhibitions for which college pupils designed emblems. The extensive introduction discusses the role of the emblem in Jesuit education and propaganda, the Brussels college and its role in public celebrations, and the memorial volumes themselves. Each volume is then briefly described; descriptions include discussion and reproduction of a few of each volumes' emblems.
  • 1669 affixio about human love and the love of God: pp. 151-153

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