Ludovicus van Leuven, Amoris divini et humani antipathia (1629)

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Echo Amoris [58]


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Echo Amoris.translation
Intensis opus est clamoribus, vt sonet Echo;
Dum strepis exiguo murmure, Nympha silot:
Nympha tacet tacit is; sed surgat ad æthera clamor,
Mox responsa tibi, vel geminata, dabit.
Vota quid effundis summis innata labellis?
Ad tepidas cœlo non patet aula preces.
Tende latus clamore, Deus responsa remittet;
Hic pia mens, hic vox feruida, pondus habent. translation

Psal.3. Bernard. Psal.144.
VOce mea ad Dominum clamaui, & exaudiuit
me de monte sancto suo. quando fidelis, &
humilis, & feruens oratio fuerit, cælum haud du-
bio, penetrabit, vnde certum est, quod vacua re-
dire non possit. propè enim est Dominus omni-
bus inuocantibus eum in veritate. sed vt in veri-
tate eum inuocemus, tria requiruntur. animus
scilicet præparatus, nec aliud agens; corpus sub-
missum & ad humilitatem compositum; & fru-
ctus labiorum, id est, vox de imo cordis penetrali
emissa. quæ si coniungamus, exaudiet procul du-
bio nos munificus ille parens, si non ad volunta-
tem, saltem ad salutem.translation

Clamauerunt iusti, et Dñs exaudiuit eos. Psal. 33. translation

L'Amour oracle des Amants,
Oit, et respond au mesme tamps.

Echo de l'Amour.
Ces deux amāts ont vne mesme aureille;
Vn mesme Aris, l'vn & l'autre reueille;
Vn mesme Amour, esgale leur dessein.
Qui rend leur voix si prompte & mutuelle,
Que s'il aduient que l'vn des deux appelle,
L'autre ne peut que repartir soudain.

Es Amor eco del alma
Y aun que al parecer s'esconde
Luego en llumado responde.

Liefd' en gheeft wtstel noch respijt.
Zy hoort/ en andtwordt op een tijt.

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Echo of love.
We need intense clamour, so that Echo may sound.
As long you make but a slight murmur, the Nymph is silent.
The Nymph is silent towards the silent; but let shouting rise to heaven.
Soon she will give you answers, even twice.
Why do you pour out vows still unborn on your very lips?
Strain your sides with shouting, God will return answers.
Here the pious mind, here the passionate voice have weight.

With my voice I called to the Lord, and He heard me from his holy mountain. When our prayer is full of faith, and humble, and fervid, it will without doubt enter heaven, from where it certainly could not return empty. For the Lord is near to those who call to Him in truth. But in order for us to call in His help, there are three requirements, viz., a heart that is prepared, and not occupied with something else. A body in submission and composed to show humility. And the fruit of our lips, i.e., the voice sent out from the inmost depths of our hearts. If we manage to combine these things, without doubt that generous Parent will lend us His ear, if not with a view to what we wish, but at least with a view to our salvation.
The just cried out and the Lord heard them.

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