anonymous, Thronus cupidinis (1620)

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Facundia ducit Amorem [12]


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Facundia ducit Amorem.translation
Dulciloquo aggredere Orator sermone puellam,
Si voti compos expetis esse tui.
Quippe per armatos facundia ducit amorem.
Docta viros, reserat fortia claustra animi. translation

Welspreeckentheyt is Liefdes leytsman.
Wech koude klappers, die verwaant meent wel te sprekē,
V kunst is niet als wint, ten heeft noch val noch gront:
De minnaers kunnen nu de staale slooten breken,
Want yder draaght van hun de sleutels inde mondt.

D'Amour vient Eloquence.
Demosthene tays toy, aussi tays toy Hortense,
Vostre jargon est sterile, & sans saveur,
Au pris de nos Amants, qui du profond du cœur,
Devant les yeux aymez harangent en presence.
Amour moüille du miel la langue & le palais,
A tout ceux qui de vray se monstrent ses laquais.

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Eloquence leads the way for love.
Orator, woo the girl with sweet sounding speech,
If you want to stand by what you have vowed to yourself.
For indeed eloquence guides love through bands of armed men,
With her learning she opens the strong locks of the mind.

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