Ludovicus van Leuven, Amoris divini et humani antipathia (1629)

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Militia Amoris [51]


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Militia Amoris.translation
2Cor.10. Ephes.6.2Tim.2. Bern.
ARma militiæ nostræ non carnalia sunt, sed po-
tentia Deo ad destructionem munitionum,
consilia destruentes & omnem altitudinem extol-
lentem se aduersus scientiam Dei, & in captiuita-
tem redigētes omnem intellectum in obsequium
Christi. De cetero, o anima, confortare in Domi-
no, & in potentiâ virtutis eius, indue te armatu-
ram Dei, vt possis stare aduersus insidias amoris
mundani, quoniam non est tibi colluctatio aduer-
sus carnem solum & sanguinem, sed & aduersus
Principes & potestates, aduersus mundi Rec-
tores tenebrarum harum; contra spiritualia ne-
quitiæ in cœlestibus. Propterea accipe armatu-
ram Dei vt possis resistere in die malo & in omni-
bus fortis & constans stare. nam qui certat in a-
gone, non coronabitur, nisi qui legitimè certaue-
rit. accingere igitur gladio super femur tuum: in
hoc mundo quasi in campo certaminis positi su-
mus: qui hic dolores, aut plagas, aut tribulationes
non susceperit, in futuro inglorius apparebit. translation

Accipe armaturam Dei, vt possis stare aduersus insidias diaboli. Ephes. 6. translation

Venez venez car mon tambour: N'appelle qu' an combat d'amour.

Milice de l'Amour.
Amour, amour, dis moy, que veux tu faire,
Iamais l'Amour ne fust amis de guerre,
Iamais amant ne fust braue guerrier.
Il s'en faut bien; car les plus grandes gloires,
Palmes, Lauriers, triomphes, & victoires,
C'est l'amour seul qui les at faict gaigner.

Para que son es sas armas?
Pues Amor para vencer
Solo à menéster querer.

Compt/ onghewapent wie ghy zijt/
Den trommel slaet/ de liefde strijt.

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The military service of love.
The arms of our military service are not of the flesh, but power to destroy strongholds for God, destroying plans and all haughtiness that rises up against the knowledge of God, and bringing to captivity all intellect so that it obeys Christ. For the remainder, dear soul, seek comfort in the Lord, and in the power of His virtue, put on God's arms, so that you can stand firm against the ambushes of worldly love, because your struggle is not only against flesh and blood, but also against Princes and powers, against the Rulers of this world of darkness; it is against the spiritual beings of evil in the heavens. Therefore take God's armour so that you can resist on the day of evil and, brave and steadfast, make a stand. For who struggles in battle only wins the crown of victory if he genuinely fights. Therefore attach the sword to your thigh. In this world we are as it were positioned in a battlefield. Who does not incur pain, blows, or tribulations here, will turn out to be without glory in the future.
Take up God's armour, so that you can make a stand against the ambushes of the Devil.

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