Ludovicus van Leuven, Amoris divini et humani antipathia (1629)

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Protectio Amoris [32]


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Protectio Amoris.translation
Ps.26. Psal.74.
ADmiranda Amantis fiducia, imitanda huius
animæ fides! quæ in medio leonum rugien-
tium non titubat, in medio crudelissimarum fera-
rum non desperat; sed plena Amore diuino, ple-
na constantiâ, spe plenissima clamitat, Dominus
illuminatio mea & salus mea quem timebo; Do-
minus protector vitæ meæ à quo trepidabo? dum
appropiant super me nocentes vt edant carnes
meas, ipsi infirmati sunt, & ceciderunt. si consi-
stant aduersum me castra, non timebit cor meum,
si exurgat aduersum me præliū in hoc ego spera-
bo: vnam petij à Domino, hanc requiram vt in-
habitem in domo Domini omnibus diebus vitæ
meæ. igitur Domine respice in me, restitue ani-
mam meam à malignitate eorum, à leonibus vni-
cam meam. sic tu, o mens pia, cum te sentis pra-
uis cogitationibus oppugnari, & enormibus ten-
tationibus obrui, quæ tamquam feræ & crudeles
bestiæ quærunt animam tuam mortiferis pecca-
torum morsibus dilacerare, noli titubare, noli de-
sperare; si amas, credidisti; si amas, sperasti; si
credidisti & sperasti, non consensisti, non pecca-
sti: Amor enim protexit te; Ama igitur semper &
non peccabis. translation

Liberasti me a rugientibus præparatis ad esca. Eccles. 51. translation

Ces bestes ne me font offence
Quand i'ay l'Amour pour ma defence.

Protection de l'Amour.
Voici mon cher Amour que ie te sacrifie,
L'ame, le corps, le cœur, l'esprit mesme, & la vie,
Que i'appends volontiers, Amour, à ton autel.
Ces bestes peuuent bien me rendre ta victime,
Mais non pas empescher que tu ne me r'anime,
Pour t'aymer à iamais d'vn amour immortel.

El alma que tiene Amor,
Hasta à las fieras amansa,
Y entre sus vñas dexcansa.

Geen vreedt gediert my hinder doet/
Als liefde compt tot mijn behoet.

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Protection of love.
The trust of the lover must be admired, the faith of this soul imitated, that did not falter in the midst of roaring lions, did not despair in the midst of the most cruel wild animals. No, full of divine love, unwaveringly, in the fullest hope it called out: my light and my salvation is the Lord: whom I shall fear? The Lord is the protector of my life: of whom shall I be afraid? When evildoers come upon me to eat my flesh, they are themselves set off balance and they fall. If they put up camp against me, my heart will not fear. If a battle starts up against me, on this I will set my hope. One thing I asked from the Lord, just this, that I may live in this house of the Lord all the days of my life. Therefore, Lord, cast Your eyes on me, restore my soul from their malice, from the lions my one and only soul. So you, pious heart when you become aware that you are besieged by evil thoughts, and are engulfed by enormous temptations, that like wild and cruel beasts they seek to tear apart your soul with the lethal bites of sin, do not falter, do not despair. If you love, you have belief; if you love, you have hope, if you have belief and hope, you do not condone, you do not sin. You are under the protection of love. Therefore, always love, and you will not sin.
You have freed me from those who are roaring and are ready to feed on me.

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