Ludovicus van Leuven, Amoris divini et humani antipathia (1629)

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In dictum eius

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In dictum eius.
Affectu & Effectu.

Ecce tibi varijs dico symbola sculpta tabellis;
Effectu Affectus scilicet omen habent.
Ficta sub Oedipode ludibria spernis Amoris?
Oedipodes nulla hîc, nulla Thyestis erūt,
Te properant arcus, properant & tela, sacratas
Quêis homini geminat diuus Apollo faces.
Vana superstitio procul hinc, quæ pectora fœdis
Ludit imaginibus, vimque furoris habet.
Ergo sacro venit hic Affectu Effectus ab Hemo:
Affectu Effectu hæc pignora nostra cape.

Affectv et Effectv.translation

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On what he said.
By affect and effect.

Here I tell you of symbols engraved on diverse illustrations.
By what it brings about emotion is ominous.
Do you spurn the games love plays that were concocted under Oedipus?
There will be none of Oedipus', none of Thyestes' here.
The bows speed you along, so do the projectiles with which
divine Apollo doubles his sacred torches for man.
May empty superstition be far from here, that bamboozles hearts
with horrid images and contains powerful frenzy.

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