Ludovicus van Leuven, Amoris divini et humani antipathia (1629)

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Credulitas Amoris [12]


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Credulitas Amoris.translation
Phocyl. F. Petrar. O Anima! noli credere celerrimè antequam
verè finem videas. Multos amantes creduli-
tas sua circumuenit; libenter enim credunt quod
optant. translation

Vix dederat terris ignem, sua furta, Prometheus;
Pan furit, & flammis oscula ferre parat:
Quantus, ait, nitor hic? (nondum cognouerat ignem)
Et ruit, & læsas vix trahit inde manus.
Dum, quid ames, videas; properatos differ amores;
Heu scelerata Venus, cum celerata venit. translation

AMor sæculi ducet te ad aulam, noli illi crede-
re; subito forsan, & breuissimo tempore ad
summas te promouebit dignitates, sed vt citius &
altiùs te detrudat in profundissimas calamita-
tes & miserias. superbiâ inflabit te, sed vt tam-
quam pila pronior voluaris ad quæuis flagitia.
Auri, gemmarum, munerumqueue cupiditate in-
flammabit te, sed vt aureo laqueo strangulata, in
æternas flammas præcipiteris atrocissimè cru-
cianda. ad computatorium vocabit te; vtinam?
calculorum, ad computantis arbitrium instabili-
tas, tibi symbolum sit mutabilitatis honorem &
dignitatum, ad nutum Principum & Regum. translation

Quod non noris, non ames. translation

Ce que tu ne connois d'aymer iamais t'auāce,
Il a pris mal a Pan d'aymer sans connoissance.

Credulitéde l'Amour.
Le brillant de ce feu, at charméce satyre,
Comme faict la beauté, l'ame, & l'oeil, quelle attire,
Pour l'obliger tantost au mesme repentir.
Panfit de son erreur condigne penitance,
Et l'ame la ferat, lors que sans cognoissance
Elle aymera l'attrait, quelle deuroit hayr.

Los que como el triste Pan
Sin conoçer se enamoran:
Con el su ignorancia lloran.

Te minnen datmen niet en kent/
Heeft Pan/ en menich man gheschent.

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Gullibility of love.
O soul! Do not believe something with utmost haste before you the see what end it has. Their own credulity misleads many lovers. For they readily believe what they wish to believe.
Barely had Prometheus given fire, his special loot, to the earth,
When Pan went berserk and prepared to kiss the flames.
'How strong is this sheen?' he said (he knew not of fire yet),
And he stormed forward and with difficulty retracted his wounded hands from it.
You should look a little longer into what it is you love. Defer love at first sight.
Woe, a scoundrel is Venus, when she is quick to appear on the scene.

Love of the world will lead you to the court. Do not trust it. Chance are that it will suddenly and in the shortest of time promote you to the highest dignities but so, that it will push you down quicker and deeper into the depths of calamity and misery. Pride puffs you up, but so that faster than a ball you roll into any shamefulness whatsoever. Desire for gold, precious stones, and gifts will set you aflame, but so that strangled with a golden noose you hurtle into the eternal flames to be most horribly tortured. It will call you into its counting office. May the unsteadiness of the counting boards, subjected as it is to what the bookmaker decides, be a symbol for you of how changeable honours and dignities are, according to the whims of princes and kings.
Do not love what you do not know.

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