Otto Vaenius, Amorum emblemata (1608)

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Inconcussa fide [28]


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INCONCVSSA FIDE.translationtranslation
Fallere nolle fidem, Gygis licèt annulus adsit,
Sic inconcussa dixeris esse fide.

In Amore nihil fictum, nihil simulatum, & quidquid in eo est,
idem verum & voluntarium est.translationtranslation

Love requyres sinceritie.
Love in what ere hee doth, doth not disquise his face,
His harte lyes on his toung, unseen hee never goes,
Hee weares no Giges ring, hee is not one of those,
Hee doth unclose his thoghts, to gayn unfayned grace

Non si maschera Amor, ne in fatti, ò in detti,
Non va inuisibil come Gygi fea
In virtù d’un’ anel, che quelli hauea,
Non finge, & è nel cor qual nei concetti.

De Liefd’ in al sijn doen en kan hem gheensins veynsen/
Sijn hert leyt op sijn tongh/ onsichtlick hy noyt ghingh/
Als Gyges/ die sulcks deed’ door cracht van sijnen ringh.
De Liefd’ en laet niet toe te decken de ghepeynsen.

Cupidon est ouuert de fait & de harangue;
Aussi d’vn faux visage il ne cache son coeur,
Comme faisoit Gyges par son anneau trompeur.
Amour feindre ne peut, son coeur est sur sa langue.

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Met ongeschonden oprechtheid.
In unremitting sincerity.
Bedrieg trouw niet, ook al heb je een ring van Gyges. Zo zul je de reputatie hebben oprecht te zijn.
Do not deceive fidelity, even if you have a ring of Gyges. In this way you will be known as being sincere.
Cicero, Laelius de amicitia 8, 26
In de liefde is niets onecht, niets geveinsd en alles wat er is, is oprecht en komt uit zichzelf.
Cicero, Laelius de amicitia 8, 26
In Love there is nothing false, nothing pretended; whatever there is, is genuine and comes of its own accord. [tr.W.A. Falconer; Loeb; Cicero had amicitia instead of Amore]

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