author Visser, Arnoud S.Q.
main title Practica poetica: de marges van imitatio in humanistische embleemboeken
short title Visser, Practica poetica
in De zeventiende eeuw, 210-227
note Abstract: Although usually approached as a genre on its own, the emblem is hardly ever the result of an integrated composition of its textual and visual parts. It is this fragmented production process that guids the analysis of the poetical principle of imitation in the emblems of Andrea Alciato, Achille Bocchi and Joannes Sambucus in this article. [...] Both Bocchi and Sambucus subsequently imitated Alciato's emblematic form of motto, pictura, and epigram, but they each developed the principle in different ways. In many concrete instances, their direct model was not Alciato, but the rich tradition of classical literature in general.