editor Daly, Peter M.
editor Silcox, Mary V.
editor Duer, Leslie T.
editor Verstraete, Beert
editor Meyer, RĂ¼diger
main title The English Emblem Tradition
sub title 4. William Camden. Remaines of a greater worke concerning Britaine. H. G. The mirrour of Maiestic. Otto van Veen. Amorum emblemata
short title Daly, English Tradition, 4
place Toronto
place Buffalo
place London
publisher University of Toronto Press
date 1998
description Edits William Camden'sRemaines of a Greater Worke Concerning Britaine, H.G.'s The Mirrour of Maiestie and Van Veen's Amorum emblemata.
For Amorum emblemata there is a facsimile of the Latin/Italian/French edition. The English motto's and epigrams have been transcribed from another edition. There are translations of the Latin mottoes (not the epigrams). The emblematically significant details of the pictura are described.
Indexes are provided to the Latin mottoes, their modern translations, the English mottoes, the descriptions of the pictura, epigram keywords, and the authors mentioned by Vaenius. The brief introduction mainly deals with the role of the Cupid figure in the picturae. Bibliography of secondary literature about the book. Not reproduced: the Dutch and Spanish texts, the frontispiece and the introductory poems.

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