author Daly, Peter M.
author Silcox, Mary V.
main title The English Emblem
sub title Bibliography of Secondary Literature
short title Daly, English Emblem
place M√ľnchen
publisher K.G. Saur
date 1990
description Lists secondary literature about 'General Studies about the European Emblem as a Genre and Form', 'Selected Motif studies' (motifs discussed: ape, Anteros (reciprocal love), Aphrodite, Apollo (and Daphne), arms and legs fro the sky, bay, bees and honey, Colossus of Rhodes, crab and butterfly, crows and sceptre, cupid and bees, Daphne (and Apollo), death, deer, dog, eagle, elephant, elm and vine, Eros, five senses, Fortuna, Ganymede, Graces, Hercules, hill, ivy, labyrinth, leg, lion, love, mercury, nut tree, Ocnus, occasio, oldest animals, ouroboros, owl, Pandora, patience, pearl, pelican, Prometheus, putto, stag, snake, tennis, triton, vegetation, veritas filia temporis, vine, whale), 'General Studies of English Emblem Books', 'Individual Authors and Works to 1700' (listing translations, microfilms, modern editions or reprints and studies), 'Manuscript Versions of Printed Books', 'Book-making', 'Studies in Apllied Forms', 'Studies in Extra-Literary Forms', 'Individual Authors and Works after 1700' and 'A Chronological List of First Editions of English Emblematic Works Published to 1900'. Vaenius is discussed on pp. 79-80.
private note UBU MRA 213. Entries over Vaenius overgenomen in deze bibliografie. Niet alle entries over eventueel relevante motieven!