Ludovicus van Leuven, Amoris divini et humani antipathia (1629)

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Tyrannis Amoris [25]


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Tyrannis Amoris.translation
Bernard. Isai. August. Hieron. Hugo de S. Vict.
HOmo, cum in luxuriâ est, non intelligit, com-
paratus est iumentis insipientibus & similis
factus est illis. O extrema libidinis turpitudo!
quæ non solum mentem effæminat, corpus ener-
uat, maculat animā, fœdat personam, sed & ma-
ximè bestialem vitam reddit; ex quo enim semel
mentem alicuius occupauit, vix eum bona cogi-
tare permittit, & tamquam bestijs simillimū ser-
uire facit peccato. O Domine, Venus & Cupido
deuiserunt sibi vestimenta virtutum, quibus orna-
ueras eum; fecerunt sibi viam per eum; sub pedi-
bus suis conculcauerunt eum: fæcibus peccatorū
polluerunt templum Sanctum tuum, posuerunt
illud desolatum & mœrore confectum. it ante
eos cæcus & nudus & illaqueatus funibus pecca-
torum. fugant & trahunt eum ante se in circuitu
de vitio in vitium, & de luto in lutum; & vadit
absque fortitudine ante faciem subsequentium.
seruus est, & seruitutem amat. cæcus est & cæcita-
tem desiderat; vinctus est, & vincula non horret:
amarum dulce, & dulce amarum credit. eheu! vi-
uens mortuus est, ita vt ægre resurgere possit. Sed
quid remedij, o anima? duobus modis ignis ex-
stinguitur, scilicet dum subtrahuntur ligna, vel as-
pergitur aqua: sic luxuriæ flamma, dum subtra-
huntur carnis incitamenta, vel dum mens irriga-
tur lachrymarum affluentiâ, suffocatur ne noceat.translation

Omnis qui facit peccatum,
seruus est peccati. Ioan. 8.

C'est bien ainsy que Venus traitte
Ceux qu' elle attele a sa charrette.

Tyrannie de l'Amour.
Traisner vn ioug fatal, & ne s'en oser plaindre,
Preueoir son desespoir, & ne les vouloir craindre,
Se laisser gourmander d'vne vilaine main,
Changer la liberté en vn cruel seruage
Et la douceur d'Amour en eternelle rage,
Sont les effects sanglants de cet Amour vilain.

El Amor siendo carnal
Es amigo tan cruel
Que alaga con vn cordel.

Soo troetelt Venus den trauwant/
Die sy in haeren waghen spant.

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The tyranny of love.
When man wallows in decadence he has no intelligence, he resembles mindless cattle and becomes like it. O, the utter shamefulness of lust! It no only make effeminate, it weakens the body, taints the soul, defiles the person, but also makes life bestial to the utmost. For once it has taken possession of someone's mind, it hardly allows him to have good thoughts, and quite like the beasts it makes him a slave of sin. O Lord, Venus and Cupid divided the clothes of virtue among themselves, with which You had smartly dressed him. They made a road for themselves through him. They trampled him beneath their feet. With the dregs of sins they defiled Your holy temple. They made that desolate and fraught with sorrow. He goes blind and naked before them and snared by the cords of sin. They chase and pull him along in front of themselves from one vice to another, from one foulness to another, in a vicious circle. He goes along without strength, under their gaze as they follow right behind him. He is a slave, and he loves slavery; he is blind and he desires blindness; he is shackled and he does not shudder at his shackles; he believes that bitter is sweet and sweet bitter. Woe! Alive, he is dead to such a degree that he will hardly rise again. But what is the remedy, dear soul? Fire is put out in two ways, viz. either because the wood is taken away, or it is sprinkled with water, so the flame of decadence is quenched, because the excitements of the flesh are taken away, or the mind is flooded with tears: it is smothered lest it harm.
Every man who commits sin, is a slave of sin.

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