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In about 54 screens, you will learn to recognise the most important characteristics of the Dutch love emblems. While going through the site, looking and reading assignments will help you test your newly acquired knowledge in just 25 questions. Once you have entered your answer, you cannot revise it. However, the assignments can be made independently of each other, since together with the correct answer, additional feedback is provided. The seventeenth century and Latin texts have been respelled and transliterated, the punctuation has been modernised, and explanations of words are provided where needed. Once you have completed the questions, you will receive your total score. You will also be given a writing assignment, which you can hand in to your teacher for evaluation. If you have any questions, you can always e-mail the editorial staff.

System Requirements

This site is viewable on both Apple and Windows computers, with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer (version 4.0 or higher) and a preferred resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Run 'Start' -> 'Settings' -> 'Control Panel' -> 'Display' -> 'Settings', to change to the desired resolution. Finally, click on 'OK' to save your new settings. Or alternatively, right click with your mouse on your desktop -> 'Properties' -> 'Settings', change the resolution and click 'OK' to save.


Each question can be answered only once. However, if you want to go back to the previous screens before giving your answer, you can do so by using the 'Back' button of your browser. You can also navigate through this site by using the options 'Home', 'Literature' and 'EPU' on the menu bar. When you click on 'Home', you will enter the default page - the page that loads automatically when the site is entered. The option 'Literature' provides a bibliography of the used books and websites. When you move your mouse cursor over the illustrations, a text box will appear which tells you the source of the illustration in question. Finally, 'EPU' provides information on the research project to which this site belongs to: Emblem Project Utrecht. Here you will find more emblems, more literature and more background information.