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The Dutch Love Emblem (3/54)

Emblem from Heinsius, Emblemata amatoria (1601). For more information, go to: 
						The first book of love emblems was published in 1601. The adjoining image shows a pictura from this book. Initially, the creator kept his identity hidden. Moreover, he did not give his book a clear title, most probably to avoid drawing attention to himself.

The emblems were practically an immediate success. In later reprints, this book was titled Emblemata amatoria, which is Latin for 'love emblems'.

By then, the reason for the author's mysteriousness became apparent. The emblems were created by Daniël Heinsius, a respectable Dutch professor from Leiden. According to Britannica 2001, "Heinsius produced classical editions, verses, and orations from an early age. [...] [A]nd the popularity of his lectures dazzled his colleagues." So presumably he wished to remain anonymous to keep his reputation as a serious scholar intact.